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Off Ice Officials Training Guides

Instructions for accessing the Family Information page

The Family Information page is a private page that is not visable to all visitors to the website. Access to the page must be provided by following the steps below. 

1.)    If you have not already created an account on the Sioux Falls Flyer's website, click on the Create an Account link at the top of the website.

2.)    Contact the Webmaster via email to request access to the Family Information page (see below). Include in the email your name and the team(s) your player(s) plays on.

3.)    Contact the Executive Assistant to request your family ID to identify your fundraising total (see below).

4.)    After receiving notification that your account has been given access to the Family Information page, login to the website using your account information. Then you will access the page located under the Player | Parent Information page, which is located on the left hand column of the Home page.